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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A Supposedly Apple Watch Victory seeps Error

Some users have noticed that Apple's website are references to an Apple Watch Victory, which seem clues to the emergence of a new model of Apple Watch and we are more than intrigued. Is Victory future Apple Watch Apple Watch model or something else?

One possibility is that the Apple Watch Victory is one of the names considered for the previous Apple Watch Series 2 and maybe someone has forgotten to change the name on the web pages. More specifically , it could be the new name for the Apple Watch Nike + ...

Is Apple Watch Victory a new model of Apple Watch?

After inquiring, it seems that Apple page shows the model Apple Watch Nike + in place of Apple Watch Victory. On the AppleCare of the UAE, the Apple Watch Apple name Victory. While in Canada speaks of Nike + Apple Watch. Victory name fits perfectly with Nike because Nike is the goddess of victory and the brand continues to use this name for some of its products.

The new Apple Watch Series 2, which bring GPS for sports enthusiasts and improved water resistance system, were launched in September with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The new Nike + Apple Watch model will go on sale on October 28.

Apple Watch Nike +

In 9to5mac.com they tested the new model of Apple Watch in an Apple Store, showing the areas unique to this model watch, your own belt and other special features that differentiates this model from the rest of Apple Watch Series 2.

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