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Monday, 31 October 2016

All you need to know about Super Mario Run for iOS

As you know, during the keynote of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus September 7 models it was announced that Mario, the plumber legendary Nintendo with spent countless hours in our childhood, would be released adapted to iPhone and iPad with the title Super Mario Run. So far Nintendo had kept his iconic Mario in their game consoles and completely outside the world of mobile devices, so it is a milestone to be exported to other platforms and iOS have chosen to do so exclusively.

Yes, the Apple were as terse as usual and stayed with the desire to know dates, prices, and frankly, the more details the better.

Release date

Super Mario is expected to be released Run the App Store in 150 countries during the month of December, just in time for the Christmas holidays, so expected to be earlier this month. Meanwhile, occasionally you see Tim Cook - Apple CEO - regularly visiting the factories of Nintendo in Japan.


- Tim Cook (@tim_cook) October 13, 2016
 Getting the hang of Super Mario Run, thanks to Miyamoto-san and his awesome team at Nintendo!

Super Mario Run will both on iPhone and iPad in a universal app that will be compatible for iOS devices only, so once the purchase from your iPhone will appear on your iPad because the purchases under a single Apple ID.


Super Mario Run will cover how not a familiar game with a game recommended age from 4 years.

Regarding his play, it will be exactly the same as we are used to , with a style of platforms that vary at each level, but adapted to a touch screen. The controls are restricted to a single button, because Mario is automatically moved left to right and only have to worry about the jumps. While there will be certain types of jumps and tricks.

The interface both iPad and iPhone will be essentially the same, playing with the screen horizontally in both cases, although the function of playing with one hand obviously not work as well, except in the case of the iPad Mini.

There will be three game modes: standard, which try to finish each level getting the highest score possible, the second, which will be a competition against other players and a third, in which you yourself create your own Mushroom Kingdom with coins you've been collecting during the two previous modes.

Super Mario Run, exclusive to iOS

According to the guys from Nintendo, its intention to medium term is to launch Super Mario Run also on Android at some point, probably in 2017, but it is not official. Super Mario Run, like many other apps, launches first iOS is due to several causes: the stability of Apple 's operating system, the iOS devices are more "responsive" - the term refers to the adaptability of software to different devices - and more homogeneous than Android gadgets and finally, Apple users are more likely to invest in apps, so logically apps developers focus on designing apps for iOS.


Download Super Mario Run will be free, although within the app will purchase options. Just do not be in effect pay to continue playing or to avoid ads, but the free game lets you play a portion of the full game and have to pay to unlock certain levels.

What iOS devices can play?

To play with your iPad or iPhone you must have installed at least iOS 8.0 or higher and will run on the iPhone 5S later models. Regarding the iPad, you can play if your device is an iPad Air or later or iPad Mini 3, or later. Likewise, you can also play with your sixth-generation iPod.

Do you usually buy games for your iPad or iPhone? Were you a fan of Super Mario? Will you play Super Mario Run?

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