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Friday, 21 October 2016

Almost Apple shits with a function iCloud In Family

In Apple's history we can find few times that the company was wrong to give information, because if something good has, is that his team is usually well informed of everything that happens with their devices.

However, they have made a mistake with the function of iCloud In Family, it is that, according to the AppleCare support team, anyone in your household iCloud can format your device remotely.

A disastrous choice

ICloud function In Family is quite useful, as it allows its users to share applications, music, videos, photos and a few other things without being registered under the same Apple ID. But what was reported by the AppleCare support team, however, is quite alarming since any member could intentionally- whether accidental or format your device.

There is no way to turn off this option as reported by the official media, which left us very vulnerable device, maybe not intentional formatting, but an accidental one- and we all have the curious sobrinito that leaves your hands to yourself -.

Not everything is what it seems

However, we should not be alarmed. Apple has come to report that all this information had been misinterpreted, and that members of our family group in iCloud not have full control over our accounts or devices, but need to also have our access credentials to perform any action our terminal.

Users do not really have to blame for this mistake. Apple did a terrible job trying to clear it , causing just the opposite. Even the support had misinformation, which alarmed many users iCloud.

The good news in all this is that as your ex-partner and can not remove all data from your device by "accident". The bad news is that lately seems to have very little control over Apple, and always end up being disadvantaged users. However, if you were alarmed, and you can relax -unless someone else have your Apple ID and password-.

Do you think Apple should improve the way in giving information? Leave your answer in the comments!

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