Analysts predict a 11% drop in sales of Mac until we see new models -


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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Analysts predict a 11% drop in sales of Mac until we see new models

The, especially the iPhone, mobile devices are typically products that have greater weight in sales generated by the Cupertino. On the other hand, they are the famous Mac, of which we had not heard of an update. This factor has caused some casualties on the profits made by Apple.

According hailed an analyst, Apple losses in terms of their Mac sales have dropped from 5.7 to 5.1 million between last year and this. These figures imply a decline of 10.79% in sales generated by the company regarding these products.

Sales of Mac could go into a tailspin if they do not see new updates

As it was mentioned above, the failure to update the Mac, are the main reason for the decline in sales. Leading analysts also say that, if not receive the arrival of new iMacs and Macs, profits continue to decline by 11% for each year or until we see the new products of this nature.

Despite the large weight bearing on Apple, many of the rumors that have been generated; They say that we would be seeing the long-awaited update of the iMac and Mac during the day Thursday, October 27, the date on which the company was carrying out another major events. This time, the protagonists could be a MacBook with an OLED panel, Touch ID, USB Type-C, Skylake CPU and other components that have not yet been disclosed.

Meanwhile, the alleged updated MacBook Air, has not been ruled out either. Possibly, this laptop is counting on a 13-inch screen; although it is the only known until now.

The possible launch of these new products, could change predictions with analysts; with respect to the division of Cupertino laptops, which; It has been declining gradually due to the lack of updates.

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