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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Android yet Not Suitable for Use iMessage

Messages is an app that makes Apple 's own delight your users. As you know - because it takes years on the market - allows communication with other Apple users regardless of device type identified by their IDs, as well as streaming videos, photos and now great improvements as stickers, gifs, music, apps , and even to hand messages . All this for free, without limitation of capacity and through Wi-Fi. A real gem whose only improvement today is able to use it with users of other operating systems like Android.

Well, it turns out that Apple is in everything, and thought about it. There are even implementations to prove it. In fact the presentation was anticipated in the previous WWDC. To our misfortune, the update to Android finally opening did not occur for several reasons. The first of them, have a product as messages or iMessage in iOS is a differentiation from the competition and that helps sales. The popularity of native apps like iMessage or FaceTime is such that it is quite common to see the use of them on TV, making a blatantly effective subliminal advertising.

However, you can not rule out that sooner or later end opening iMessage for Android, more than anything by the monetization that would introduce the app in the global market and that Android users could acquire it . Throughout history, the design of the Android interface has undergone several designs, from some suspiciously similar to other iOS completely different languages ​​using Google. Therefore, the transition to Android iMessage could be suffered in a very intuitive way of adjusting the image iOS or carried out a revolution.

Apple has designed projects on the subject suggests that this can happen in the not too distant future, although already distributes three of its own apps on Google Play - market apps for Android -, the most prominent of them is Apple Music, of which Tim Cook believes that is serving as a colonizer of markets and stability in other operating systems.

How would you see the transfer of iMessage Android or Windows? What would you use with your contacts? Let us know your opinion on the text

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