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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Apple adds self-actualization in Sierra macOS

Starting today, Apple is making the new, macOS Sierra, operating system is available as an automatic download for users running OS X El Capitan.

Users can select all updates, including operating system updates are carried out automatically if they wish. The settings are in the preferences panel of the App Store.

Apple reports that the update and management of files it will be "smart". When running out of disk space disk of the user, the company says the update files are deleted, freeing the multiple gigabytes of space required for installation is done satisfactorily.

The company clarifies that only the update will be downloaded on computers that meet the specifications for macOS Sierra and have an adequate amount of storage space.

Still, several reports are circulating that macOS Sierra still is downloading incompatible Macs, which could cause serious stability problems in the computer. The only way to avoid this is to completely disable the automatic update feature.

The image macOS Sierra comes with new features, including integration with the virtual assistant Siri, owned by the Cupertino company.

Other enhancements included in the new operating system is the ability to unlock a Mac through an Apple Watch, a new system of "universal clipboard" where you can copy and paste information between Apple devices and more.

On the other hand have improved native applications such as Photos, Maps, Messages in Sierra macOS promoting a better user experience.

Finally, in today it was released the third beta of Sierra macOS for developers and is expected to be available soon Pubic way.

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