Apple advantage and increases the production of the iPhone 7, after the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Apple apparently is increasing its production orders iPhone 7 in the fourth quarter in an attempt to take advantage of market Samsung, after the great inconvenience that had the Galaxy note 7.

Samsung, meanwhile, has increased orders of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to compensate for the lack of stock. Smartphone makers have generally argued that their orders have increased, which in turn impacts computer manufacturers, suppliers and delayed shipments of parts for them due to high demand.

A number of memory vendors chose to change their approach and have come to give greater importance to telephony, resulting in delays in orders memories for computers between 10 to 20 weeks or more. It is unknown whether this could affect shipments the new MacBook Cupertino company, which is expected to be presented at the event Thursday.

However the production of computers should continue without interruption for a short time, as it is believed that suppliers keep the stock for 3 or 4, so that after this period of time, will face some delays in orders by the lack inventory. This scenario could be known after November, unless stabilize production suppliers or manufacturers of computers require less.

Samsung intended that the "note 7" is a serious rival to the iPhone 7, like the iPhone 6s is based on an evolutionary improvement. While the Galaxy Note 7 initially acquired a lot of positive comments, a series of battery fires prompted an unexpected retreat and eventual death of the product. Samsung is estimated to lose billions of dollars and could suffer more depending on the outcome of the legal action.
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