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Friday, 7 October 2016

Apple AirPods: When Daring faces Innovation

Ñamolo, prozumbalar, cráspino. Have you ever you have tried to invent new words? It is not easy, right? Well , something similar happens to Apple with their devices. Innovation is not easy, and even more when year after year feel the pressure of your followers and your competitors.

Innovation must go hand in hand the progress and development of new technologies. Apple knows this , and has shown with the launch of its new AirPods for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus .

AirPods: marketing strategy, innovation, or just a whim?

For some, the new Apple AirPods are kind of pointless project. For others, AirPods are the vision of the near future ahead of our time.

For Apple, the launch of the AirPods involve the natural evolution of technological devices, but also the reiteration of its controversial marketing plan: sell a device that needs to turn new accessories.

On the other hand, we must recognize that Apple has had the courage, boldness, daring and courage after withdrawal of the 3.5 mm jack connector for EarPods. But they have also been smart to adapt the hardware for your EarPods Lightning, otherwise the company would have received much criticism.

Cables!? How awful! 😉

Instead of implementing drastic changes in design or implement technologies for the iPhone hardware 7 (such as wireless charging), Apple has chosen to innovate in terms of its connectors, stepping forward and forever eliminating the jack 3.5 mm as did Steve Jobs and Adobe Flash.

Is not it awful EarPods store in a drawer and cause a real mess with the tangle of cables? There's no doubt. But today, with existing technology, in some cases the cables are still needed ...

The million dollar question is: Is it time to change the EarPods by AirPods The answer belongs to you, and other users of iPhone?. From CydiaPlus, as Jony Ive thought, we believe in a future without cables.

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