Apple begins to remove the belts safety of its stores iPhone -


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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Apple begins to remove the belts safety of its stores iPhone

According to the latest information, it seems that Apple has begun to remove the safety belts iPhone their physical stores, so now there will be nothing to hold them .

But, what is the reason that has led the company to make this decision? Very simple, Apple wants to try the iPhone as if it were your own, without any cable or grip by preventing having the device completely in hand.

Moreover, the Cupertino even go a step further and allow customers to try several cases and introduce the iPhone in their pockets, allowing each person to check screen size is most comfortable.

And if I try to steal an iPhone?

Now, what happens if a person tries to take an iPhone sample? Very simple, first of all, you must dodge the security of the store, and if it succeeds, will see how to get out of it starts to sound a beautiful alarm betray him.

In addition, and to top it off, just outside Store iPhone will lock and stop working, so even get run out and take it only will have achieved a nice paperweight 900 euros.

In short, it seems that Apple is beginning to trust (more than necessary?) To their customers, so if there occurs any mishap that makes rethink things the Cupertino, probably soon see this in stores of the company.

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