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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Apple could leave the Titan Project

According to Bloomberg , Apple may be taking a change of direction in their plans for Project Titan, the autonomous car that the company was planning to build.

As indicated by the rumors set a deadline (end of 2017) to test the feasibility of self-driving technology. Since then, Apple could change the course of your project or permanently leave.

The company has been hiring hundreds of employees for Project Titan. These employees work in developing self-driving technology, simulators for testing and special sensors.

Apple Car: Vision of the future or a whim of the company?

Initially, the Titan project would see the light in 2019 or 2020. But by the end of 2015 could clearly see a lack of leadership and organization in the project team, in fact, Steve Zadesky left his post as director "for personal reasons "earlier this year.

But it was not the only problem that gave Apple Car. A few months ago claimed that the information leaked company delayed its marketing until 2021 .

The original vision of Apple Car was to create a car capable of detecting the driver through fingerprints and automatically lead to anywhere. But gradually, ambition took over the company and you know what the saying goes, "who very much does not catch anything" ...

Another reason the "change of address" or possible abandonment of Project Titan, according to sources, is the supply chain. Apple has a great experience when manufacturing components iPhone and iPad thanks to third - party companies, but parts of a car is another story.

Do you think Apple will abandon completely the Titan project at the end of 2017? Or instead you think that the bitten apple company will give a radical change to their initial plans? You can participate in comments to provide your opinion on the subject.

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