Apple could use electronic ink and OLED screen on your next Magic Keyboard -


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Friday, 14 October 2016

Apple could use electronic ink and OLED screen on your next Magic Keyboard

A new report suggests that Apple could be working on the new version of its Magic Keyboard, which will use electronic ink. The source of information is a Reddit user; who allegedly observed the models presented by Foxconn. They are still in the test phase; and they intended to be presented at a conference scheduled for next year.

Can you imagine a keyboard whose keys are user - modifiable? This could be the idea of ​​Apple; since it would use a screen, instead of physical keys. This could give more strength to the rumors that have been hearing about the new MacBook model. It is estimated that the technology used for the keyboard is OLEDs

The new keyboard, according to the Reddit user could be presented on the campus of Tsinghua University in 2018. Also he claims to have seen the new model for the MacBook; however, you do not have any proof. That said, the information is questionable.

Apple - The use of OLEDs and electronic ink could be a double-edged sword for the keyboard

Using a keyboard based on electronic ink could put a damper on the limitations that occur due to differences in the markets. That is, you will not be subject to any specific model; the entire set of keys will be customizable.

It is noteworthy that while information may be true, although no information is available about possible plans of the company with this device. It could be a new Magic Keyboard, or belong to the new Mac Book. The truth is that the second option would not make much sense; because the company could not achieve good keyboard backlight.

The biggest complaints about the current model of your laptop keyboard, has been the lack of backlighting. If Apple does manage to add this feature to a keyboard with OLED electronic ink, we should Hats off to the company. In any case, just wait until next year's event course.

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