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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Apple fined $ 300 million for patent violation

The federal court in the state of texas, united states, has forced Apple to pay more than $ 302 million in compensation for illegal use of company technology VirnetX.

The jury considered proven the fact of the violation by the iPhone maker VirnetX two patents. One of them is related to the technologies used by the application to make video calls with FaceTime, the second to feature video on demand (VoD), which allows the user to receive the source media files to the server network.

VirnetX for approval, she patented technology have been created by the company SAIC commissioned by the CIA of the United States. Subsequently, SAIC staff and created VirnetX.

The measure of VirnetX patent information allegedly received in developing the cia, corresponds to reality - the subject of debate. Much more than the company calls "patent troll to give them," and most of the information on its official website any connection with legal proceedings.

The term "patent troll" is used in recent years to describe natural and legal persons, превративших aggressive presentation of patent litigation in the way of making money and business. Initially Intel employee, введший on the back of this term, used the expression "patent, a thief, but that has not received wide circulation.

It is worth noting that it is not the first lawsuit Apple VirnetX. In February 2016, the Texas court recognized that some software from Apple, in particular, FaceTime, iMessage and VPN service on demand violate the right to intellectual property of VirnetX, and ordered them to pay damages of $ 625 million later, the verdict was canceled because the appellate court considered that the jurors may be unfair to the iPhone maker.

For the first time, the court convicted Apple still in 2012. Then the company must compensate VirnetX around $ 368 million, however, due to subsequent appeals, payment of the fine was also delayed.

It is the first victory of VirnetX in court proceedings for you-the giants. The company has won twice on Microsoft claims in 2010 and 2014, in the sum of отсудив the largest software maker more than $ 223 million. The procedure referred to Skype.

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