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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Apple iOS 10.1 Launch Event before October 27

Apple held a special event on October 27 to update its line of Macs, and we are fully confident that the new devices will have macOS Sierra 10.12.1.

Sierra macOS betas 10.12.1 include, among other features, support for album of portraits in photos.

Apple has also released several beta versions of IOS 10.1, curiously, they also offer the new iPhone 7 Plus portrait mode and dual camera.

So, if the software Sierra comes on 27, so should IOS 10.1. It seems logical, right?

We strongly believe that the official launch of IOS 10.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will occur before the event, namely on 25 October. We explain why.

Apple could launch iOS 10.1 before the event Macs

First, 10.1 iOS does not provide a list of new features and functions that require a thorough test in beta.

In fact, from what we know to iOS currently 10.1 has two new features: a choice of settings for playing animations iMessage when "Reduce motion" is on, and the new Portrait Mode iPhone 7 Plus with field effect depth in photographs.

On the other hand, the Japanese media have speculated during the tour of Tim Cook for the Asian country that Apple Pay will be launched there on 25 October.

Apple Pay, in Japan, will allow users to make payments while checking transit routes and transport in Apple Maps, a feature that will also come in IOS 10.1 ...

In addition, the fifth beta of IOS 10.1 is very stable, and is a good indication of his imminent release face.

What do you mean / as, guys / girls? Do you think iOS 10.1 will be launched before the event Macs October 27? Makes sense?

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