Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S7 7 and LG V20 Edge: 4K video stabilization Proof -


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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy S7 7 and LG V20 Edge: 4K video stabilization Proof

The new iPhone 7 was presented with a series of innovations that made us salivate, but were not breaking design lines if they broke into the hardware design. The inclusion of water resistance, a renewed system front and rear camera, the new Start button among other new left us speechless in the Apple keynote.

In the new camera system are optical stabilization for the rear camera (OIS) which together with the excellent stabilization with which already had Apple devices, we can not but feel curious to see how it behaves when record the moments most important in our daily lives.

They Are Samsung and LG to match Apple and its iPhone 7?

The curiosity of the boys PhoneArena has led them to test whether the new iPhone camera recording exceeds 7 smoother and quieter the better cameras on the market valued images. For the occasion they were made 2 comparisons of one on one.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung device has a 12-megapixel camera that has found a loyal audience and also many people appreciate quality how camera. What really stands out from the camera of this device is the new Dual Pixel is currently the fastest on the market and works on both shooting mode and recording mode. In the following video you can see that camera is the best.

LG V20

Continuing the great tradition of Korean cameras manufacturer, the LG V20 brings us the best that LG has been able to create and that is worthy of this comparison. Account in the back with a 16 megapixel camera and a second wide-angle camera. In addition how the iPhone 7 , the LG V20 features optical image stabilization, which makes the comparison even more interesting. In the following video you can see which is better.

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