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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Apple Launches WatchOS Beta 3.1 Developer

After the release of the new beta of IOS 10.1, people still leave Apple news, this time with the arrival of the beta WatchOS 3.1 , which is now available for download if you have a developer account.

This new beta arrives for the Apple Watch, focuses primarily on bug fixes and adjustments that pass through the software performance. It also brings improvements to Apple Pay, application in which the Cupertino company made increasingly hand, with the idea to implement it smoothly to normal use.

Another adjustment within this update is to improve the updates in the background. In turn, we worked on the development of HomeKit and WatchKit applications, which Apple tries to solve the problems he had in the previous version of WatchOS 3.0.

So you can download this new beta on your Apple Watch, you must first install the beta of iOS 10.1 on your iPhone. Once updated mobile, you need to download the configuration profile Developer Center Apple since the iPhone.

If you've already downloaded on another occasion the configuration profile, you only need to go to the Software Update menu. However, we must not forget that Apple Watch battery must have at least 50% so you can install the update.

WatchOS 3 devices reached last September, with the imprint of more fluidity in applications, handwriting recognition, called SOS and much more. However, Apple quickly lashes out with this update to that new problems do not continue to appear on devices.

How your WatchOS 3 functions? Do you think improvements are missing?

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