Apple Music supports the Remixes Unofficial Thanks to the Agreement Dubset -


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Friday, 7 October 2016

Apple Music supports the Remixes Unofficial Thanks to the Agreement Dubset

Apple came last March an agreement with Dubset and is now beginning to bear fruit. Starting today, Apple Music already has support for unofficial remixes thanks to acuerco with Dubset, a feature that SoundCloud been used for a long time and it was their differentiator versus other competing services.

This is a blow to SoundCloud, especially if we consider that in addition to Apple Music, Spotify has also given support to these unofficial remixes. But what does this mean? Basically that you can access the content uploaded by the user it is not released by major labels from Apple Music.

This includes a variety of remixes and remixes different than the artists themselves up. What makes Dubset is to scan and combine parts of the track in his Mixbank fragments and once the process is complete, distributes royalties between the respective artists.

The remixes come to Apple Music hand Dubset

The first remix that has come to Apple Music has been remixed Anderson .Paak of DJ Jazzy Jeff. In this case, the holder of the rights Anderson .Paak receive your payment, because their music is the basis for the remix by DJ Jazz Jeff.

On the other hand, one thing that is not yet available through Apple Music are multiple mixsets of songs that DJs share their own live sessions. But do not worry, because as Dubset also has the ability to distribute the royalties for this kind of remixes, surely not take long to get to the streaming music service from Apple.

As mentioned above, the support of these remixes on Spotify and Apple Music greatly affects SoundCloud, since this feature was one that he differed from other services. However, this gesture also makes what to think, because it has recently rumored that Spotify could be behind buying SoundCloud.

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