Apple negotiates with Sharp to be the next supplier of OLED displays for next iPhone

It seems that the rumors that Apple will begin to include screens with OLED technology in its upcoming smartphones, gradually are transformed into tangible realities. So much so, that the Cupertino company is in full negotiation with the manufacturer Sharp to provide it OLED displays for next iPhone.

Following a story that appeared in Bloomberg, it is reported that Apple is in full negotiation with the manufacturer of Japanese consumer electronics, Sharp, to supply screens organic LED (OLED) for future iPhones. Any possible agreement is conditional upon the Sharp production capacity. The news released by Bloomberg apparently stems from Apple's desire to secure multiple suppliers for organic LED displays and minimize exposure to any single vendor.

It seems that the Cupertino company has a certain preference for the Japanese manufacturer of consumer electronics, Sharp, to be one of its main suppliers of OLED displays. Moreover, Apple's overall strategy is to increase competition in the supply and dilute the risk of depending on a single manufacturer.

Sharp has also announced that it will invest 57.4 billion yen, or approximately US $ 566 million for the development of production facilities OLED screens in Mie and Osaka to build smartphone screens in order to start production in June 2018.

It is noteworthy that the Cupertino company plans to launch a new iPhone with a different to that of their current versions concept, which involves a redesign from scratch on the outside of the device, possibly including a screen OLED technology curved at their ends that coats completely the front of the iPhone.

For now, you just have to wait until next year when Apple released the "iPhone 8"

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