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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Apple patent describes several methods including sensors within screens devices

On this day, Apple was approved a patent for embedding sensitive light sensors directly on the screens of the devices

The patent no. 9,466,653 and the name of "Electronic devices with display-integrated light sensors" refers to light - sensitive screen and built into the sensor device.

As an alternative to improve the designs of their products, Apple proposes the integration of sensors between the screen layers that already have conductive tracks necessary to feed the elements. Most embodiments describe a method of superimposing the sensor at the top, between the layers of the display, either LCD or OLED.

In the patent, it mentions placing sensor on the periphery of the device screen away from where the touch sensitive sensors is also made to avoid problems tactile sensitivity.

More specifically, another method which refers to the integration of a light sensor or proximity to the end of an OLED display, adjacent a touch sensitive layer is described.

Alternatively, a phone can include a layer dedicated TFT in which a variety of sensors are placed. In each case, all circuits and sensor are protected by a transparent layer encapsulating glass or plastic.

In each type of design proposed in the patent, the sensor or sensors are disposed within the screen, not on it (as in current models iPhone, iPad and Mac models). This design touch, save millimeters and would lead to true inclusion of a full screen without black frames, on devices.

The patent on integrating light sensor, was first presented in June 2015.

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