Apple patented a new technology of fingerprint recognition -


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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Apple patented a new technology of fingerprint recognition

An Apple patent refers to a technology that would allow fingerprint recognition can be done anywhere on the screen and not only in a fixed location.

The patent describes how 'differences electric field between the ridges and valleys of the fingerprint' could be applied to a capacitive screen. In the patent, Apple describes the reason why the company you want to merge the start button with the screen.

In the case of systems for fingerprint recognition including capacitive sensitive elements to detect fingerprint images, provide the possibility that these components are axially aligned with other device electronics, such as touch screens. This is not all, since it is of significant interest to avoid placing a component that would be used briefly during the process of user identification much surface space.

An earlier patent describes a different method of achieving the same goal, through ultrasound imaging. For example, the factory Xiaomi China recently launched a smartphone with this technology. Apple said the technique is more accurate than the current generation Touch ID, but it requires a fixed location.

The start button touch - sensitive used in the iPhone 7 is likely to be the forerunner to a version that can be embedded on the same screen of the next generation of smartphones of the Cupertino company.

It is not yet known how the iPhone will be called next year, but the 'iPhone 8' is emerging as the main denomination and Apple poses a substantial redesign for the same, but have also suggested other names.

Moreover, there is a rumor that the next smartphone from Apple will own chassis of glass and stainless steel used for 'premium models'.

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