Apple patents the 'super-resolution', we will see the iPhone8 -


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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Apple patents the 'super-resolution', we will see the iPhone8

Apple is working on technologies that seek to optimize such important aspects as the quality of the camera or the operation of the Home button , for example. strengths in the signing of Tim Cook placed special emphasis on the presentation of this seventh generation of the iPhone family.

The smartphone industry is constantly evolving, and for the eighth generation great innovations and enhancements to leave behind the current terminals are expected. At least that's what I should do the Cupertino company to surprise more than current iPhone in July .

So it is no wonder that is in the research and development of technologies to integrate new features and functions to their devices, as do other companies. As recorded by Apple Insider , now Apple has patented a super resolution. Let's see what this is about.

The patent that will revolutionize the iPhone 8 camera

The aforementioned means that the technology aims at showing the latter patent that Apple will integrate the model next year. It is multi - sensor cameras that allow super resolution, as we have named. What this technology offer the highest image quality in minimal space. He achieved through a system that divides the light entering three wavelengths - red, blue and green - using a set of prisms.

Through several separate light sensors, he manages to capture light directing and then combine the results in a super - resolution image obtained by specialized software. In the patent, Apple states that the use of color separators enables optimized image resolution compared with that achieved with a single sensor, since a lower amount of light is absorbed.

The patent refers to the division of the light beam with a prism signed by Philips. The red, green and blue light is collected in collection ceramic substrates that are placed on the sides of the prism. The beam splitter directs specific wavelengths for each sensor with minimum losses.

As for the integration described in this patent phones, Apple has created an illustration of a "folding" chamber design. By using a small mirror mechanism, you can minimize the space occupied by the system, making it bounce light. In the source they indicate that an example of the implementation of this system might be to position the objective lens in the same way as happens in the current iPhone, but placing the image sensor in any other area of the chassis, with the optical axis disposed at a right angle to the lens.

Apple already has other patents for a triple sensor, a set of three lenses, and a divider cube associated witha imaging technology. The now is a patent that explains the algorithms that allow super resolution and would be combined with others to present a terminal with a truly amazing specifications in the photographic section. Who knows, you may see it in the iPhone in August .

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