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Friday, 28 October 2016

Apple Pay will land soon in Spain

And we overtook him just a year ago. The day October 28, 2015 we knew the news about the arrival of Apple Pay to Spain in 2016 and today Tim Cook himself has confirmed. Apple Pay will land soon.

Apple CEO reported at a meeting of shareholders that the launch of Apple Pay in Spain will occur in the coming months. We had been waiting a long time, so it was almost impossible for mobile payment services Apple settle in our country before 2017. Although it is worth noting that there is no specific date yet confirmed.

The launch of Apple Pay has come late, very late. Tim Cook said Apple Pay land in Spain, Singapore and Hong Kong during a conference fiscal results in 2015. But in the case of Singapore and Hong Kong, Apple Pay arrived in April and July respectively.

Why Pay Apple has taken so long to get to Spain? As our friends tell us Applesfera the main reason lies in the banks.

Spanish banks are going through a tough time and there are many financial institutions that have opted to reduce their number of employees and / or branches. However, Apple Pay and other mobile payment services could be part of the solution ...

But Apple does not put anything easy, provide access to NFC applications of banks would decrease the level of security that the company provides to its users.

That said, as we can only wait to see if the words of Tim Cook met. Since iPadizate we are very excited about the launch of Apple Pay in Spain. Can you imagine being able to buy a delicious McDonalds McFlurry on your iPhone? Thanks to its terminals "vending" and Apple Pay, queues are a thing of the past!

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