Apple plans to announce a new app that will help you discover TV shows Leer -


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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Apple plans to announce a new app that will help you discover TV shows Leer

It seems that Apple plans to present at the event to be held tomorrow, a new application that will allow people to find new programs based on what they see on an Apple TV.

The application has been described as "The Watch List" from the inner circles of the Cupertino company, but it is speculated to take a different name when really it is released to the public. It is not yet known exactly how the application would work, or even what platforms appear in it, but the main concept is to centralize the recommendations of the multiple content providers.

The application may be a ploy by Apple to attract multiple content providers for the Apple TV, giving them a place to advertise their programs.

This feature could be related, or be the same, that the rumored "display guide" for the Apple TV, but industry executives previously said they are concerned that the guidance would reduce its ability to promote their own programs.

It is worth mentioning that the usefulness of the application as a guide and / or recommendations for programs, may be dependent on the availability of support for single sign on Apple TV.

The feature was originally to be published with TVOS 10, but it seems that there are still some details to polish, even after TVOS 10.0.1 update which took place this week, which could mean that Apple will release another update TVOS Thursday.

Apparently, the Cupertino company has had a very busy weeks (especially the last two), where constant release of betas of its main software products were, up to the corresponding final versions, such as happened with Sierra iOS and macOS 10.1 10.12.1. Now only hope that we will bring tomorrow's event where the new line of Macs will be presented.

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