Apple plans to unify all its cloud services to enhance their applications -


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Friday, 7 October 2016

Apple plans to unify all its cloud services to enhance their applications

Apple unify their teams cloud service to enhance product development and software quality. Currently, employees who develop Internet services such as Siri, Maps, iCloud, news and apple pay are found in many buildings, especially outside the headquarters of Apple.

To improve collaboration and accelerate product development, Apple will move all relevant equipment to the main yields. This eventually leads to better services division, which is the main source of revenue growth of the company. This also unified web products to run on a new backend, codenamed 'Pie'.

According to some leaked documents, events suggest that the Cupertino company will house up to 13,000 employees wanted in the Apple Campus 2.

Moreover, a report provided by Bloomberg says the company could incorporate more staff (the estimate is in the thousands) in contrast provided by the leaked documents. So the company is adjusting its interior design office to accommodate more people.

The company also continues in its efforts to unify the resources of the "cloud" using their services as Apple Music, Siri and news. It is also working on a new backend system codenamed 'Pie'. Pie moves the entire cloud infrastructure on a single platform. The report suggests that parts of Siri, iTunes and Apple Store News would already running on the new system.

It is believed that progressively more and more services on the new platform Apple will move ".

It is speculated that employees will move to Apple Campus 2 to early next year, according to Tim Cook comments. The last images of the building showed progress, including some outdoor lighting.

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