Apple programmers earn less than programmers Google and Microsoft -


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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Apple programmers earn less than programmers Google and Microsoft

The salary of programmers lower than Apple employees in the same position at Microsoft, Facebook or Google and is $ 208,000 a year. This data makes the company Paysa, which deals with the collection and analysis of data on income in the US IT companies.

The average programmers salary is US $ 126,000 per year. Immediately the salary is $ 99,000, and everything else is a variety of bonuses.

However, in large companies in Silicon Valley, the cash is much higher. In large companies like Apple, Amazon and Uber, айтишников salaries start at $ 200,000 a year. Higher wages in Airbnb - $ 312,000 a year. Then they go to Uber ($ 292,000), Twitter ($ 290,000) and Facebook ($ 285,000). Apple was in the ranking only 8 place and going ahead of Google and Microsoft with $ 233,000 and $ 222,000, respectively.

In companies of the troika of leaders - Airbnb, Uber Twitter, wages account for less than half of total revenue. Most of the annual income of employees Airbnb and Uber obtained at the expense of what they own shares in the company. In Uber, for example, there is no bonus.

The average salary of a programmer in Russia is 64 000 to 120 000 rubles per month ($ 12,000 - $ 23,000 per year). This is iOS application developers, whose responsibility is the creation of applications, support and optimization work, participation in debugging and testing applications. Rate higher income can developers of higher education (or technical profile) and work experience more than 2 years.

In Europe programmers wages than in Russia, but still do not reach the United States. For example, in Germany the average salary of a programmer before tax is 5,500 euros per month (about $ 74,000 per year).

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