Apple releases second beta of IOS 10.1 with portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus -


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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Apple releases second beta of IOS 10.1 with portrait mode for iPhone 7 Plus

On this day, Apple released the second beta of IOS 10.1 for developers. This new update can be downloaded from the update mechanism included in the application settings iOS or through the website Apple Developer Center.

So far, the most significant change in IOS 10.1 is the addition of a new camera mode, an exclusive feature of the iPhone 7 Plus creates a 'bokeh' effect in photographs. Basically what this effect is approaching the closest object to the lens, blurring what is behind him.

To give ubiques, we'll show what does the new mode "portrait" of the chamber:

The new mode "portrait", is located on the right side standard photo mode in the camera application. It is clear that in the "portrait" mode can not be done digital zoom. Instead, the new mode uses only the target to capture the image 56mm wide angle lens and to gather data from the perspective that generates a depth map nine layers.

Thus the data to take a photograph as seen in the image above, with well focused main object (the woman with the baby) and the environment is processed unfocused.

For now they do not seem to be big changes (other than portrait mode, exclusive for the iPhone 7 Plus) and it seems that this beta is focused on optimizing the system and solutions of issues that have arisen since the first release of iOS 10 .

Finally, if the Cupertino company continues its regular schedule of updates, it is very likely that this week the second beta of iOS 10 for beta testers is launched, with a subsequent official launch for everyone, so we 'll keep you so much.

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