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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Apple reveals iOS10 adoption rates

This morning, Apple has released data on rates of adoption of IOS 10 on the official board of the App Store to developers, who reveal that iOS 10 is currently installed in 54 percent of devices such as the iPhone , iPad and iPod touch.

Apple estimates that iOS 9 has gone from being installed on 88 percent of the active devices with IOS, only 38 percent (percentage measured during the pre-release iPhone 7 Period September 16).

As for previous versions of iOS, including iOS 7, the graph shows that Apple cake older versions comprise only eight percent of facilities in active devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The figures were obtained from records that have unique iOS devices with access to the App Store on October 07, 2016. Apple usually updates the data obtained regarding the percentages of adoption of iOS, every two weeks.

By comparison, iOS 9 was installed in just over 50 percent in active devices in less than two weeks after its release in the fall of 2015, which ranks it as the operating system for mobile devices that had the highest rate adoption in the shortest time.

iOS 9 peaked adoption of 57 percent, just three weeks after the launch, reaching a 61% adoption in active devices with iOS in a little over a month after its launch on September 16, 2015.

This relegates iOS 10 of the first set, but does not detract from the great changes that have been made to the new version of the operating system. It should also be noted that these data may be affected by those users who still have jailbroken iOS 9 and decide not update their devices because there is so far a 10 jailbroken iOS version released.

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