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Friday, 28 October 2016

Apple Samsung holding up but falls against Chinese rivals

The company's analysis of technology markets IDC has developed a market study of the evolution of sales of the top five companies - Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo - last year, throwing frightening figures for Samsung, the market leader even despite the significant cut suffered.

The limited success Note7 Galaxy terminals, its not then and explosive trend responsible for this alarming reduction are estimated. Meanwhile, Apple also sees its market share reduced, where appropriate by 5.3%. Who is taking your part? New businesses Oppo and Vivo, as well as Huawei established, it sees as its sales increased 23%.

This quarter has sold a whopping 362.9 million smartphones worldwide, of which 72.5 million is for Samsung, the industry leader. Apple is the most stable company in the sector, although this quarter have iPhone sold 45.5 million by 48 million the same quarter last year were sold.

With a market share of 12.5% and reliability of its products, it is estimated that the next quarterly period that includes Christmas is a great time for Apple, which probably look like shoppers in search of a high - end terminal acquire iPhone brand detriment of Samsung Galaxy Note . Some features such as water resistance, a faster processor, improved optics, greater storage capacity and the new range of colors have proven to be compelling reasons for potential customers.

Just do not can ignore Chinese manufacturers: ** ** Huawei, Oppo and Vivo with a respective market shares of 9.3%, 7% and 5.8% and an exponential growth in the case of the two last. Huawei - undoubtedly the most famous Chinese manufacturing in the West smartphones - has sold 33.6 million handsets, you see how this year is seated, standing hand in hand with giants Samsung and Apple. Does responsible for this rush? Huawei took time and doing things right, triumphed with his P8 but the incredible Huawei P9, whose sales have meant an increase of 23%, the main architect of its success.

The possibility that Chinese companies exceed Apple or Samsung in worldwide sales depend on its ability to perfection in demanding markets such as the US and Europe, where its presence is scarce. In addition, they have to face the problem of stagnation in the sector, which has seen a growth of only 1% this quarter.

Do you think Chinese companies get beat Apple and Samsung? How do you expect to be sales this Christmas?

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