Apple seeks in Japan the key to improving the artificial intelligence Siri

Apple can boast virtual assistant, he was the first to bet on this technology and certainly Siri is one of the features that makes the iPhone more attractive. Although iOS 10 and the new iPhone 7 have reached important improvements, the truth is that much remains to be done, because Siri has great potential and Apple knows it .

That is why Tim Cook has set its sights on Japan, where he believes lies one of the keys to optimize the artificial intelligence of the world 's most popular virtual assistant, which Google Assistant is already on the heels because the Mountain View giant It is working hard to make it happen.

Apple seeks in Japan the key to improving the artificial intelligence Siri

The Cupertino firm has among its closest plans the opening of a development center in Japan, the Tsunashima Technical Development Center. Apple technology center will open this December, it will be located in the district of Yokohama (Tokyo) and, as reports from Applesencia , your main task will be to develop applications.

According to Japanese website has leaked the Nikkei , Apple will focus on research to substantially improve the capabilities of Siri. For this task require a specialist in artificial intelligence, and it seems that is what the team of Tim Cook looks in the land of the rising sun.

It is not a coincidence, since Apple has in Japan one of the sources from which emanates most innovating technology with their products. So Tim Cook knows where to find solutions through the so-called "Big Data", the concept that includes massive data storage and the types of processes used for finding repeating patterns in them.

From here we will inform you of everything new that comes out of R & D that Apple has decided to open in the heart of Japan, the country of technology par excellence. Sure we'll see great innovations in artificial intelligence Siri. What would you like to integrate?
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