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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Apple stops making the Third Generation Apple TV

If you were thinking about getting Apple TV third generation to save some cash you should know that the American company has decided to take this market model. Apple has discontinued the production of the third generation of Apple TV and has already disappeared from his shop on-line.

Apple confirmed the interruption of third - generation Apple TV in an email to employees, which have accessed the guys at 9to5Mac . In this email, the US company said it would comply with the order book for this device, but the partners will face new sales with other products.

The company says in the mail with immediate effect, the Apple TV (third generation) MD / 199LL / A has reached the end of its life and its manufacture has been interrupted. In this way, the apple company focuses entirely on the fourth-generation Apple TV, the latest model of this device.

Apple focuses on the fourth-generation Apple TV

As mentioned above, Apple will continue to comply with the order book of this third generation of Apple TV, but is now focusing all his attention on the fourth generation model. The third-generation Apple TV was released in 2012 and it was not until the autumn of 2015 when the company announced the expected fourth generation of the device, with great innovations and features: support for Siri, new applications App Store with TVOS ...

At the moment, the US company is still selling refurbished versions of third - generation Apple TV for $ 59. On the other hand, the fourth generation Apple TV is able to buy at the Apple Store (physical or online) for 179 € the 32GB model and 229 € the 64GB.

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