Apple warns: more than 90% of chargers sold are fake -


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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Apple warns: more than 90% of chargers sold are fake

Apple products have a variety of accessories, from bags to boots, through cables and all kinds of gadgets designed to extend the capabilities. When we acquire an iPhone for example, it is very common that we begin to seek a housing to protect it against bumps and drops.

Among the accessories that succeed are the chargers and cables, plus external batteries, because with daily use of the terminal and the large number of apps and games that use, the batteries each time have a shorter and intense life. But Apple products are not exactly known for its affordable prices, so it is very common to resort to third - party accessories that go cheaper.

It is known by all that exist in the market both authorized and fake products, and now, as stated in the website 9to5Mac , Apple has ruled on the matter and referred to the largest online store Amazon. According to the company, 90% of chargers and cables sold as "authentic" are false. Ensures that these products have been sold on Amazon, sold with the profile of the Amazon itself, describing them as "genuine article" is not.

The giant online sales has already withdrawn from sale the products that Apple is concerned, and the company of Tim Cook has sued the company that sold them. The website Patently Apple reports that Apple has filed a complaint for trademark infringement against the company Mobile Star LLC, which Amazon has been identified as the main supplier of counterfeit goods.

Apple notes that the company has used its mark not only illegally but also false chargers have not passed safety tests necessary to ensure the smooth functioning pose a risk to users. According to the Cupertino firm, the situation is serious because, although Amazon assures buyers that the products will be delivered, but at no time guarantees the authenticity of what they buy.

In fact, according to Apple's lawsuit, the vast majority of chargers and cables sold on Amazon are not authentic, namely 90%. In their arguments, the company argues that its own reputation by selling products masquerading as genuine brand and then have a lower than those that are performance itself is damaged. Then you have some links authorized by Apple chargers.


Lightning to USB connector 1.8m in white. It has the Apple MFi certification, which guarantees full compatibility charge and sync with all iPhone from Model 5, the iPad Air, iPad Mini and Mini 2, iPad 4th generation and iPod Nano 7th generation. Its price is 8.99 euros.


Lightning 1 meter cable, charger with aluminum housing, available in pink and the new version 2 meters in nylon. Apple has MFi certification. It is compatible with all iPhone from iPhone 5 model, also with iPad Air and Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 and 3, iPad 4th generation, iPad Pro, iPod Nano 7th Generation and iPod Touch 5th generation. Its price is 8.99 euros.

As you can see, both examples have the MFi certified Apple , with which the company ensures compatibility and proper functioning of the products. You can find more interesting offers, but be aware that show this certificate.

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