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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Apple Watch 3 Identify your owner through Sensor Frequency

The US company can not stop researching and creating new things. As published the Patent and Trademark Office US, Apple has won a new patent related to the heart rate sensor Apple Watch.

This morning we told that the Apple Watch is one of the best devices wrist when measuring heart rate , with 90% accuracy. But this integrated into the Apple Watch heart rate sensor could be used for more in future generations of smartwatch.

This new patent obtained by the company Apple reveals that they are working for the next generation of Apple Watch is able to identify the owner through the heart rate sensor. If this is true and Apple finally incorporate this feature in a future model of your smartwatch, could make a significant difference to its competitors.

The Apple Watch 3 could be released with the heart rate sensor

As described in this patent, it is a "user identification system based on plethysmography" would use a oxíemtro pulse to determine and identify the biometric characteristics of the user. With similar to the Touch ID iPhone and iPad operation, the resulting data could be used to verify the user's identity and unlock the Apple Watch, thereby increasing safety.

In simple terms, one could describe the pulse oximeter as two pairs of emitters and light sensors co - located on a mobile device. The system works by emitting light toward the skin, blood and other body parts of the user, in order to measure the amount of light that is absorbed and reflected back to the device.

The amount of light collected at each sensor can be calculated to determine the amount of blood present in the skin of a user, a very beneficial for pulse reading point. These data would be compared with information previously saved to and identify the user, but could also be stored for later use.

At the moment is nothing more than a new patent, but do not rule out the possibility that Apple will include this new feature hardware you already use the Apple Watch to measure the user 's heart rate. And it must be acknowledged that it would be a very interesting feature that would bring an added extra security.

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