Apple Watch affected by the fall of 50% in sales in 2016 Smartwatch -


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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Apple Watch affected by the fall of 50% in sales in 2016 Smartwatch

Unlike the smartphone, smart watches are not going through its best. The sale of these gadgets has fallen dramatically in recent months, so much so that hardly has sold half of what was sold in 2015.

Sales of smartwatches have fallen by 51.6%, according to IDC. This decline can mean several things, but none of them seems to point to something good, at least not for the market for smart watches.

The only one that has maintained some stability has been the Apple Watch, although it has also been greatly affected, so much so that some of the Apple Store began to close the section dedicated to these smart watches . Do consumers have noticed something?

Apple and its effect WOW

What we say is not something that is unknown. We all know that once Apple releases a product to market, does not really matter how many they had at that moment with the exact features, the Cupertino always generate a positive momentum in the market we do not know how he gets.

However, Apple did not invent smartwatches far, but it was who put fashion and took some shadow in which seemed to be hidden. Although some members of the competition could have better features, Apple took over the market completely, displacing Samsung at that time was its biggest competitor.

Although sales of smartwatches have fallen exaggerated way, Apple has maintained the kind, managed to sell more than 40% of smart watches that are on the market.

Smartwatches sales have fallen by half since the last quarter

According to information released by IDC, in the third quarter of 2015 were sold around 5.6 million smartwatches. However, in the third quarter of 2016 they were barely reached the 2.7 million units sold.

The Apple Watch has suffered a major fall, while Samsung was almost like it was already. The smartwatches are already too many people not interested because they do not offer features that interest or actually help the public.

Currently the Apple smartwatch is totally dependent device iPhone, which is not exactly in their favor. What it does is show you what you already have on your phone, and users are not prepared to pay for such a large device that offers nothing more than design-which sum, I must say, it is excellently construido-.

Remember that this area is still a little unstable as it is fairly new, but if you want to stay alive, some company will have to take risks and make something innovative to revive the anxiety in users.

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