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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Apple Watch Connect With iPhone with Jailbreak Possible?

The jailbreak provides us the opportunity to achieve and enjoy all the possibilities that offers an iPhone, it allows us to leave the walls imposed by Apple to maintain its closed system under control. However, it involves certain restrictions when making use of certain official duties, which depend on software updates.

With each update of Apple, as the last 10.1 , are solved in less or more errors in the previous version. The jailbreak is used precisely those errors, to provide complete control over the device to the user, that is why these are the greatest enemy of the users of this.

WatchOS iOS and compatible with each other

The power link the Apple Watch the iPhone, is precisely one of the features that are most resentful to go through the process. The own clock software requires a specific version of iOS on the iPhone. Therefore, if the iPhone version and the clock are incompatible, the link between the two is not possible.

Therefore, we must keep our devices in certain versions if we keep them running between them correctly. Specifically, we must keep it this way:

  • iOS 8.4 will work with WatchOS 1.1
  • iOS 9 or higher, it will work with WatchOS 2 or 3

By following this simple rule, you not lose the link between your phone and watch.

And what if I upgraded?

Now if you have not updated your device to compatible versions, and the thing is complicated. And I do not speak for the iPhone, which could be downgradeado to a previous version as explained here , but by the clock. Apple Watch restore to an earlier version is an impossible task, if we do not have the means. And the media are only in possession of the technical service Apple.

However, I must say, that is not so difficult to live without jailbreak. I am of the opinion that rather enjoy official functions first, and then use the jailbreak when available in my version. Sometimes the soil strategy not work very well, by the speed that carry Apple with updates, but neither I'll die if I do not get.

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