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Monday, 10 October 2016

Apple Watch: How to Send Fireballs, Drawings, kisses, hearts and other effects

If you are a lucky owner of a first - generation Apple Watch or a new Apple Watch Series 2, know that there are different methods to answer new messages directly from your wrist.

But ... you do not have to respond with words, necessarily. With watchOS 3 you have the possibility of using Digital Touch functionality (which recently came to iMessage in iOS 10 ) to send all kinds of animations such as taps, hearts, fireballs, kisses, etc.

What special effects provides Digital Touch?

The different types of animations that can be sent from an Apple Watch to another via Digital Touch are:

  • Your heart rate
  • A broken heart
  • A drawing
  • a tap
  • A fireball
  • Many kisses

How to send effects in Apple Watch?

Send this kind of effect on watchOS 3 is very easy. You can do this by responding to a message, or one from the app composing messages.

When you receive a new message you will see three blue buttons, press the button heart with two fingers and proceeds to send one of the following effects with Digital Touch.
  • Heart Rate: Hold two fingers on the screen.
  • Heartbroken: Hold with two fingers and slide them down eventually.
  • Drawing: Simply trace the drawing you want with a finger.
  • Tap: Tap with multiple taps or tap anywhere on the screen.
  • Fireball: Hold a finger on the screen.
  • Kisses: Make a tap with two fingers simultaneously.

We hope this tutorial to send effects and animations in your conversations with Digital Touch messages on your Apple Watch with watchOS 3 we have served for help. Do you have any doubt? See you in the comments!

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