Apple Watch Series 1 vs Watch Series 2, Which Is Faster & Better ?

In early September the US company used the presentation of the iPhone in July to give to the world its new generation smartwatch . The Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2 are now a reality, but there is still some confusion about the differences between both clocks.

The truth is that the Watch Watch Series 1 and Series 2 are not many differences, beyond water resistance and GPS included in the second model. In addition, the Watch Series 2 has more variety of models to choose from, including high-end version Edition made of ceramic.

But are there differences in response speed Watch Watch Series 1 and Series 2?. Read on to discover what were the results obtained by both models in a speed test and find out which one is faster.

Apple Watch Series 1 vs Watch Series 2: speed test

If you're thinking about buying an Apple Watch and have doubts about whether to take one model or another for its speed of response, you must know that either Apple currently sells versions that you serve. And it is that as you can see in the video speed test that appears under these lines, both the Watch Watch Series 1 and Series 2 are equally fast.

The US company has decided to withdraw from the market the first generation of Apple Watch, noticeably slower than their new older siblings. Therefore, any model you choose will go just as fast, so now you just have to choose which of the two is more suited to your needs.

The performance of the Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watch is the same, and that the interior of both is almost the same, since both have the same dual - core processor. The only difference between inside is that the Watch Series 2 whatever with integrated GPS, while the Series 1 does not, and is not a component that affects the speed of the processor.
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