Apple will pay $ 300 million to VirnetX -


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Monday, 3 October 2016

Apple will pay $ 300 million to VirnetX

According to the latest reports, Apple will pay more than $ 300 million to VirnetX, a company dedicated to security and is always involved in any patent disputes.

This news, unfortunately for Apple, is not new, since the legal battle began in   2010, when VirnetX sued the Cupertino for use without permission of a patent subsequently used to develop FaceTime.

After a few years, particularly in 2012, a judge ordered Apple to pay $ 370 million, but eventually all came to nothing due to a poor assessment of the alleged damage to VirnetX.

How expected, VirnetX not give up and continued on his idea of ​​taking Apple to court, declaring a judge on this occasion that Apple had to pay 625 million dollars, but again, nothing came of it because the jury he was being influenced by the first case.

Well, VirnetX did not surrender, and recently has come, this time seems to definitely conclude that Apple will pay $ 300 million for the misuse of a patent, which as I said, is related to FaceTime.

Still, from VirnetX they are not happy with the resolution of the case as well as accusing Apple of using the patent knowing that it could not, believe that the Cupertino have also infringed a patent related to iMessage.

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