Apple will stop selling its 11-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air -


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Friday, 28 October 2016

Apple will stop selling its 11-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

 With all the commotion by the new line of MacBook Pro, do not we realized a great detail. And the line MacBook Pro without Retina, with 5400 PRM hard drive and slot unit SuperDrive optical disc, has disappeared from the Apple online stores.

Apple has decided to step forward to discontinue the 11 - inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

After these Mac sales have led for many years, finally Apple has decided to step forward to descontinuarlas. If we remember, that line of portáctiles were in great demand by businesses or educational markets, thanks to its accessibility and price have the necessary features to operate smoothly. And indeed, if we still want to get a piece of these from Amazon we can find several retailers still sell (new or used).

It should be noted that not only this line was removed from inventory sales of Apple, because the 11 - inch model of the MacBook Air also ran with the same fate. Which it is interesting, since this portáctil was one of the cheapest, and now only have the 13 - inch MacBook Air which costs about $ 999.

Perhaps this decision by policy sales Apple is the best, especially if the new era of portáctiles features, well equipped USB-C ports.

Hello Again he continues to talk about, and until end of the day, we will not know what other surprises will bring Apple. So far we have been able to have a look at the new generation of 13 - inch MacBook Pro, which has a OLED screen with Retina, Touch Bar, Touch ID, USB-C and high contrast resolution.

After this day, the MagSafe be in the past to welcome a new era full of technology first. And that's something you can only enjoy watching streaming transmission via Hello Again through

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