AT & T and T-Mobile announced the suspension of sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 temporary

AT & T and T-Mobile network provider and distributor of mobile phones, announced the suspension of sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 temporarily after a report showed a lot of new problems of the past.

Earlier this month, the problem of Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion and fire on the battery life up until now and has announced that users who encounter problems can lead to back and change a new one.

But during the past week. A repeat recurrence of two events occurs in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to a change then ( Note 7 fire on the plane , Note 7 burned his hand a young girl aged 13 years ), the AT & T and T-. Mobile announced the suspension of sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

AT & T

"The report said We decided not to distribute in Note 7 to this unless there is a real cause of such reports of the incident. "


"There are reports of several incidents that occurred Samsung, T-Mobile has requested the suspension of sales and the temporary suspension of change Note 7 Note 7 in the same range."

Expected to suspend the distribution of Note 7 of the second camp will be temporarily suspended in order to reduce the risk and safety of the user and by waiting until Samsung to find out why and how the real problems, and the two camps have been selling. soon later

Source - iClarified
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