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Monday, 24 October 2016

Avoiding messages Update iOS on your iPhone

It is certain that at some point you have felt a bit harassed by Apple at the time it starts to ask you to update the system from your iOS device via OTA , ie, the function to update the system Apple directly from your mobile.

This time we have at our disposal a small tutorial to avoid iOS update messages on your iPhone so you can have your mobile phone with your old operating system without any annoying message appears at every moment.

Steps to prevent update messages on your iPhone iOS

Before you begin you must keep in mind that doing this involves modifying part of the software on your iPhone, so if you mess up the operating system this may not be covered under warranty. In addition, also you will no longer receive update messages that might be important to solve some security or performance problems on your iPhone.

However, if you want to continue with this tutorial you will find it very easy to eliminate these notifications, just follow the brief steps below will indicate you.

1) The first thing you do disable Find My iPhone, you can achieve this by entering the menu Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone.

2) Now you must remove the previous update entering the menu Settings> General> Storage, you select it and then you must click Delete update.

3) The next step is to download this file and install it on your iPhone. Then you must restart your phone when the option appears and so the changes take effect.

4) When your iPhone has ignited check the profile of your phone in the menu Settings> General> Profiles of the device.

5) You must connect your iPhone with the USB cable to your PC and make a backup.

6) After performing the backup, you should download this application and start it on your PC.

7) Now you must go to the System Files> Home Domain> Library> Preferences route. When you have located this folder you should find the com.apple.Preferences.plist file and double click it.

8) When you open the file you must change the following values. Pay close attention: you must first change the value kBadgedForSoftwareUpdateKey </ key> of to and then change the value kBadgedForSoftwareUpdateJumpOnceKey </ key> of to .

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