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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Be careful when downloading Cydia Tweaks, You Can Have Problems

Do I upgrade to the new version of iOS and lose my Jailbreak? Thank you , but for now I'll stay where I am. That is often our response when Apple launches a new update. Moreover, we tend to be aware that by making the process of Jailbreak we would be putting the integrity of our data at risk.

With this I do not mean you have to go with fear or even refuse to perform this process, just simply do not touch where we should and if we doubt the reliability of something discard that option immediately.

One of the most important points to clarify this issue is not only what or install no, but their origin. And yes, I mean Cydia repositories. Generally reliable, as the same than us we recommend in this article (BigBoss, HackYouriPhone, insanelyi, etc.), but there also seem quite reliable and absolutely are.

A real case: mine

I will sample the only bad experience I had in the world of Jailbreak since I made in my iPhone. It was August when I joined I also fever Pokemon Go. What happened? All the others were several weeks ahead. His Pokemon levels were too superior to mine.

I was somewhat frustrated several days, when they can not be achieved despite my efforts. So I turned to our dear Google, and ended up playing several tutorials on YouTube. Most were absurd. Except one, an American youtuber , which itself seemed worth it .

This guy, just install a tweak, he could play from the couch at home with a small joystick that will appear on the screen so you can move the character at will; among many other things like teleport to any place or even a Pokemon radar.

Obviously he wanted to tweak this and reach the level of other players, aware that actually was cheating, so I opened Cydia and search for the appropriate repository. Well, what happened is that I introduced that address in Cydia and showed gave several errors by adding the source.

After several attempts was the same. Again I went to Google typing error, the repository and the name of the tweak he wanted to install; and I found the solution. A web said that this repository was dropped temporarily and provided the address of another who also had this tweak.

I should not have relied on that source

Then I installed. After installation, I went to Pokemon Go anxious to make use of those new privileges. But nothing had changed. I went to the home screen and prepared to close all open applications if served something against the mistake and, what you do not know what I found?

The thumbnails of each open applications did not appear the last view of these apps, instead there was a dog (quite seen in memes) looking at camera and the phrase "Hello, pirate" only.

Given this, in addition to close open applications quickly uninstalled. Upon completion of the process, this friendly little dog was still there:

Seeing this, I started to completely uninstall Jailbreak. Cydia disappeared, the appearance of the system that had been modified with some tweaks returned to normal. In short, there was no Jailbreak. But, guess, puppy clinging meme was in the same place.

Finally, a little scared, why lie, I decided to completely restore my iPhone. I did it from settings. After almost an hour, I went to check and was still there. No I could not believe (I later discovered that this type of restoration is ineffective). This time I turned on my laptop, I opened iTunes and connected my iPhone to restore.

But as you know, you have to update iTunes to restore; and I wanted to fix it , but also regain Jailbreak. This was where longer it takes to find the solution.

Problem solved

It was my firmware download the current version of iOS and iTunes restore my iPhone selecting the firmware file, as if it were an update. After a long wait, my iPhone was healthy.

I finally got rid of that annoying mascot, who know what he was doing in the background, and without thinking I changed all my passwords.

I have not been the first victim of malware infection in iOS, nor will be the last. Be very aware that if an attacker wants will hassling with or without Jailbreak, since any system is vulnerable.

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