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Friday, 14 October 2016

Best Adventures Apps for Apple TV (2016)

The adventures are always welcome as they help us to lighten up a bit from the bustle of everyday life . Knowing that many do not have the possibility to leave their homes, in this article we are going to leave five games that you will not even leave her plantearás but want to stay and play with your Apple TV.

Here we leave the best adventure games you'll find for your device.


This game begins with a character called Red, which awakens suddenly in a world full of deranged robots, with a huge talking sword for company. The poor have had better days. As you move through the city, fighting both battles in real time as well as by turns, the story unfolds gradually.

What makes this action RPG an indispensable is its incredible sense of atmosphere, which puts you squarely in the world of Red. You can play following a linear path, as well as be able to explore every corner of the city to discover its secrets .


With an atmosphere that brings back memories of The Legend of Zelda, we can ensure that we will spend a good time playing Oceanhorn. We can explore islands bathed by sunlight, damp dungeons and dark, solve puzzles, and occasionally we will lose something Siri life when the Remote pointing in the wrong direction when you try to defend yourself from an enemy.

Skylanders Super Chargers

This game blends perfectly Activision polygons with the physical world, to recreate what we had seen before with games like Disney Infinity. We have the option to buy a portal with which we can unlock vehicles heroes and just put her little figure on this. The game is pretty entertaining, it is also highly recommended for children and can also be played on iOS. Remember that toys are optional, so you can buy the heroes digitally.

Dynamite Jack

It may seem an indie game of the era of 16-bits, but Dynamite Jack brings a lot of fun. Mix some line- of Bomberman flying marked by what appears on front of him, with exploration and stealth, we Anathema Mines to escape, knowing that if we are seen by some fire this guard us, and we assure you will not bother to ask before Oh, manners ... -.

The Phantom PI Mission Apparition

To begin with , we must recognize that the game has a rather long title. It 's an adventure point - and - play, starring a ghost hunt with a mustache who is willing to restore peace to a recently deceased rock star standard - what, come on-. It is not too difficult, but I must say that has a lot of personality and imagination, which we love.

Games apple tv

As you've seen in this article there is a little of everything. From racing games that mix with shots until swords stories that speak, while others try to hunt ghosts that have seen better days. Since CydiaPlus we are confident that these games will help soothe your craving for adventure. Soon we will bring you more recopilatorios games for you to enjoy in your moments of rest from work or school.

What have similar games? Do you think we missed include someone else? Leave your answer in the comments.

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