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Friday, 28 October 2016

Best Apps For the Space

Technology is advancing unstoppably and today it seems that there is nothing that the iPhone can not do. Find a place on the map, take pictures, send messages, keep track of sleep habits ... The large community of developers who have Apple makes iOS has an app store with hundreds of thousands options to choose from you can find more than one app focused on exploring our sky.

The App Store has a wide variety of applications in astronomy, for both beginners and experts. Thanks to them it is possible to locate a constellation, planets or explore the sky directly from the iPhone.

Here are a small collection with some of the best applications to explore outer space with your iPhone or iPad. You will see that you can be helpful and also will have a very entertaining time exploring the sky.

Top 5 apps Astronomy for your iPhone or iPad

Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

The more realistic map apara observe the stars, planets and constellations from your iPhone or iPad sky. Yes, Stellarium is more focused on novice users or just looking complications when stargazing, as it is very simple and just have functions.

SkyView Free

SkyView Free astronomy puts at your fingertips through your iPhone or iPad. It is able to identify all the stars and constellations in the sky, just point your mobile towards the area you want. In addition, CCOUNT with a function of augmented reality (AR) that uses the device camera to identify celestial objects, or if you prefer to travel in time and see how the sky was on a certain date (future or past).

Night Sky 4

Night Sky 4 is one of the most complete and advanced to observe the sky with your iOS device applications. It has support for iMessage and Apple Watch, Look for a constellation and Night Sky 4 will help you find it easily. Furthermore, when it locates a star constellation shows which belongs and displays the drawing, which makes it very visual.

Star Walk HD

Star Walk HD features a complete representation of the stars, constellations and planets with moon phases, a link to Wikipedia for more information and a time machine to move around the sky past or future times. In addition, this application has the best pictures of astronomy fully updated.


3D guide to the solar system that has several options, 2D map, a 3D map or 3D spinning globe to observe the planets and the moon. On the other hand, it has a function that displays the hours during which the different planets are visible.

These are just some of the applications of astronomy you can find in the App Store for iPhone and now iPad, but there are many more. For us these are the best now, but if you think we have left some in the pipeline do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.

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