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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Best Bluetooth Keyboard For iPad

With the launch of the iPad, Apple once again revolutionized the market because it offered a device similar to a laptop but lightweight and perfectly manageable performance. Some years have passed, and exist in the market several versions of the iPad where all have one thing in common: no iPad model series integrates a physical keyboard.

Most times not miss having a keyboard on the iPad, however there are times when a physical keyboard is very useful. Moreover, for professionals who use their iPad constantly and have to write it very often incorporating an external keyboard is welcome.

Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives on the market, so the challenge here will be to distinguish which are the most interesting. That is why, we have scoured the market to make a small selection of keyboard to current models of iPad.

Keyboards for iPad Air 1 and 2

Logitech Type +

Logitech has always been identified as one of the best manufacturers of peripherals. They have a wide range of keyboards on the market, all very good quality. We present the Type +, it is a housing-keyboard incredibly thin and light ( it weighs only 422 grams); Additional materials Logitech has used in its manufacture are of excellent quality.

This case ensure both the protection of our iPad as the durability of the keyboard (which, obviously, the tablet is connected via Bluetooth). One of its great advantages is its autonomy, the keyboard can last up to three months on a single charge, with use of at least about 2 hours daily. In short, it is an excellent option that is at the height of the best netbooks.

It's available in red and black, and its official price on the website of Logitech is 125 euros .

Thin KeyFolio X2 Kesington

If you often work in dark environments, you would appreciate your keyboard that incorporates backlight. Kensington thought of that scenario, and X2 with its KeyFolio Thin Plus offer a solution to that time: backlit keys with blue light, within a sleeve-keyboard excellent quality.

Compared with the Logitech Type +, this is a very thin and light enough keyboard (weighs only 680 grams), and also serves as a protective case for your iPad is absolutely secure. The lid also is designed for the iPad automatically detect if it is closed and open, so the screen is on or off just when you need it without having to do anything else.

On the official website of Kensington you can acquire the KeyFolio X2 Thin Air Plus for iPad 2 109.99 euros.

Keyboards iPad Pro 9.7 and 12.9

iHarbort Keyboard

The iPad Pro especially in its version of 12.9 - inch Apple tablet is the nearest approach to the concept of laptop. That is why it is important to purchase a keyboard cover when you do it with this device. We started with a keyboard iHarbort whose main characteristic is to have a good price-value.

While we are talking about a cover-keyboard cheap, iHarbort has made the vast majority of the owners are more than satisfied with it (4.5 stars valuation Amazon in over 100 reviews) , thanks mainly to the quality of its materials, its thinness, its less than 600 grams and ease of use provided by the keyboard weight.

Avantek Ultra Thin

The Avantek Ultra Thin is designed for the iPad Pro 12.9 inches. It connects via Bluetooth, has 360-degree swivel stand, is quite thin, has 8 millimeters thick. It is built in aluminum, its keys are very comfortable use, experience approaches the keyboard of a Mac computer.

Keyboards for iPad mini 1, 2, 3 and 4

FGS Keyboard

If you have an iPad mini 1, 2 or 3 and do not want to invest a lot of money, this keyboard FGS can be a good alternative. It is compatible with the models, costs less than 30 euros and you can take more than a pinch when you need to type more than necessary. It is made of aluminum and is clip-on, ie, not acting as a cover and leaves exposing the back of the iPad.

This versatile keyboard you can to find it on Amazon at a great price .

Keyboard Folio

The Folio Keyboard for iPad mini , would be the equivalent to Type + for iPad Air 2 mentioned above: external protection through the keyboard cover and excellent quality.

The keyboard connects to the tablet via Bluetooth and its keys have a nice feel and are very quiet but, yes, size, knowing that it is iPad mini, is quite small and comfort typing is not comparable to that of their equivalents larger. Of course, that is something that corresponds to the dimensions of the device for which it is designed.

We selected options able to meet every need and taste, so we hope that the article has been able to target a bit. If you have one of these keyboards for iPad, or if you are in possession of another you want to recommend us, please leave us a comment.

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