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Friday, 7 October 2016

Best free apps for iPhone (2016)

Today, our mobile phone is not just for sending messages or receive calls. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, and now entertainment and work are often linked to our mobile device. Today we'll show the best free applications that we can find in the App Store for our iPhone, which will serve both for entertainment and for personal development.


It is one of the best free apps as far as security is concerned. What this application allows us to do is save the password of websites where we are registered, and have them grouped for us to ever forget. All information is stored in the cloud, so you can check your passwords from any device. It is considered one of the best applications of 2016.

If you want to download it , here 's the link.

google Photos

With Google Photos you can store all your images in the cloud and you can also view them on any device with your Gmail account linked either iOS or Android. You can expand the storage capacity by paying a small monthly fee. You can also save your images for free, but you'll have to sacrifice the resolution of these.

If you want to download the application, here we leave the link.

You can download it from the App Store using this link.


If you want to learn new languages every day in a totally free way, this is the application you need to download. With Duolingo we can access many new languages ​​to learn to write and speak through various exercises that the application will prepare us.

If you want to start learning languages for free, you only have to download the application by clicking on the link below.


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New technologies have brought the live entertainment in the palm of your hand. With Periscope will see live broadcasts of concerts, festivals, TV shows and many other things. With this application you can broadcast your events or just see what others are doing, and all this for free.

To download click on the link below.

Canva best iphone apps

Finally, we show you one of the most famous applications online edition. It is Canva, an app with which you can edit your images with very attractive designs, either by placing texts, templates or many other things. You have a million chances to make your image the best.

If you want to download this app, here we leave the link.

Best iPhone Applications 2016

There are many applications in the App Store we should give it a chance. After all, if they have been selected as the best applications of 2016 something will be. I hope this compilation has been helpful to find those apps that both long have you been looking for.

What you have similar applications? Have you used any of them? Leave your answer in the comments!

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