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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Best Messaging (Social ) Apps for iPhone and iPad

Today we have more than ever the need to be in constant communication with our friends and family. Most of them usually use an application by default instant messaging -WhatsApp-, but others we like to vary a bit and test applications that offer as many features.

In this article we will show you the top three IM applications you can find today.

Facebook Messenger

This may be the most popular application of the entire list, and no wonder. Since the giant Facebook decided to separate its instant messaging service on an individual application, this has not stopped growing. We have video calls, stickers, voice calls and many other things that make this a very complete application.

It is true that much remains as to improve the user experience as it may not be the most fluid and light application, but certainly fulfills its mission. In addition, the number of users you have is huge, because much of the world uses Facebook. However, this is the only list that we can not share the screen of your computer.


Since we have talked about such a famous and used as Facebook Messenger application, now have to talk about Hangouts , a good but almost unknown app developed by Google.

Android users bring it installed on their devices by default, but iOS users have to download it separately. It is a relatively lightweight application for the amount of services offered, among which we can count on voice calls, video calls, stickers, sending files and GIFs, which makes it one of the most complete applications from the list.

However, the big problem with this application is that you do not have enough users to be our default communication app.


Obviously Skype could not miss our top full applications. With the ability to send GIFs, make video calls or voice calls and the ability to send files-and a strange kind of stickers-, it was clear that the application had to enter the list.

You could say that Skype is at a midpoint between Facebook Messenger and Hangouts, as far as users are concerned, although this should not be much problem. This application is more oriented work environment, so if you are working it is a good idea that you have installed on your device.

Since communication is becoming a more important part of our lives, we hope this list has helped you find the best and most complete applications according to your personal taste. Maybe most of them are not too used, but always have a friend in the list that has them all installed.

How about applications? Do you have a favorite? Leave your answer in the comments!

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