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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Best Ships Games for Apple TV (2016)

Games spaceships are those who, though out deliveries on all platforms, no one gets bored of them. We assume that the adrenaline is released into us try not to be injured by a Martian, but nobody knows for sure.

In this article we collect some of the best games of ships that you can find for your Apple TV. One of them even has support for cooperative play, an option that is always appreciated -unless you go play with your partner. Never just welfare. We hope they are right for you.

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved

With the Remote Siri counting only with directional control, the game had to be adapted to function with a single stick. At first we thought the game would be unappetizing to play -for telling it in some way, but no, just different. It's a matter of getting used to and know enjoy it as it is. In this game you discover new tactics in order to avoid being cornered enemies of light.


This is another game that brings a spatial premise. Ignored by many, Chillaxian try to open way in the App Store -for some reason nobody wants to games that mimic old Arcade-. The basis of the game is to survive the different hordes of enemies that come at us from the top of the screen, while the bombard to prevent them from multiplying.

Galaxy on Fire - Manticore RISING

In this game you will find in the depths of the universe, and you have to fight with lots of aliens to save your friends from the clutches of death, even though hardly anyone believes have chances.

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This is one of those games Neither is there many- where you control the ship with the Remote Siri feels more intuitive and natural than with a gamepad. And no, it is not a joke.

Sky Force Anniversary

As the mobile version, this game graphically surprising at first sight. Mix different sensations of old school improvements and a reward system that rewards play repeatedly. Of course, unlike the mobile version, the silliness of micro-payments is gone and has been replaced by only one. You also have option to play split-screen cooperative.

Pour a few partidillas with friends is always good, especially when it is so competitive games such as these. We hope that these four games you have liked, as most attempts to imitate, or at least bring back the essence of classics that we all play sometime, and that's always good.

Would you have liked the games? Leave your answer in the comments!

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