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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Best Sport Case for your iPhone 7

Did you buy an iPhone 7? Are you thinking of using it to listen to music while you work out ? Need a bag to carry it? If this is your case, from CydiaPlus we show the best case for sports with your iPhone 7. Thanks to your designs, you can comfortably carry your phone while you work, without the need to worry about their protection.

Best Sport Case for your iPhone 7

Running Belt uFashion3C

This bracelet made of neoprene, is very convenient because it can be adjusted to the extent you want. It is available in nine colors and includes an extra pocket on the back, where you can store personal items.

The front cover iPhone with a window made of PVC, which is very handy to quickly navigate on mobile and at the same time, it covers any bumps, scrapes and even our sweat.

Buy founded uFashion3C

Tune Belt Armband

This bracelet does not meet much in terms of protection of your iPhone, but aims to be as comfortable as possible to wear during exercise. Made of neoprene, the Tune Belt has a velcro which allows fit any arm.

The screen protector allows to quickly use thanks to its sensitive touch and also has an opening for headphone output.

Buy cover Tune Belt

Flexible Supcase case combo

This combo cover more bracelet gives the possibility of adding the bracelet when playing sports and having a flexible silicone sheath in the day.

This bracelet is hand washable, so it will not smell after using it several times. In turn, it has a reflective strip that helps us to be visible in the dark. The easy arrival to the screen allows quick and dynamic use of phone functions.

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Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

If you do not like the idea of wearing a bracelet, then you should go for a hard case to protect your iPhone from falls or scratches. The Unicorn Supcase perfectly fulfills this task, since its polycarbonate shell and added thermal polyurethane sheath high level of protection becomes.

In addition, the corners are shockproof and includes a screen protector. The cover Supcase Unicorn can be found in up to five colors.

Buy founded Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

JOTO Armband

This bracelet, also made of neoprene, can be adjusted perfectly to any arm and scratch resistant thanks to the protection screen in PVC.

It has multiple outputs for headphones, allowing accompany our movements and make our business more comfortable. In turn, it includes a pocket to hold cards, documents or any key.

Buy founded JOTO Armband

Which of these covers sports Has you like best? Do you use your iPhone when you exercise?

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