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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Brutal attack DDoS Apple iCloud

Throughout the day many Apple users have experienced some difficulties in accessing certain applications, especially iCloud. But beware, Apple is not the only technology company in allergies. Many other apps, platforms and media are suffering falls: Twitter, Github, PayPal, Box, CNN, The Guardian, Pinterest, Netflix, Amazon, Reddit, Spotify, PlayStation Network, The Verge, Storify ... Even users of WhatsApp have seen their videos and photos were no longer shared and downloaded. a long and frightening list of affected by the dreaded DDoS.

What has affected Apple?

DDoS careful because this attack hits where it hurts to Apple, specifically in its controversial application of the cloud, iCloud, which has suffered several attacks and violations of privacy.

At the moment several iOS apps have been affected, especially iCloud and utilities package that it is integrated: iWork for iCloud, Photos, iCloud Drive, Notes and backup in the cloud.

What is DDoS?

The Distributed Denial of Service or Distributed Denial of Service is a kind of massive attack that saturates the connections of a web or server in order to render them useless, causing a denial of service to users themselves are legitimate, come on , what commonly it is known as fallen. In this case, saturation has aimed the DNS, which are responsible for associating IP addresses with addresses, so if the translator is down, obviously the sites will not load.

Specifically, these attacks have particularly affected the US company called DynDNS DNS manager, one of the largest providers of DNS network. Unfortunately, the DDoS attack by hackers does not look to be resolved imminently much less. In fact, the company Dyn just announced a third DDoS attack.

Have you noticed irregularities in the functioning of your apps and devices?

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