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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Change the colors of 3D menus 3DColorChanger (jailbreak)

If you want a jailbreak tweak that allows you to edit the colors of the 3D Touch menus, 3DColorChanger is your choice because it allows you to do this and best of all, it is free.

After installing this tweak on the device, you can start configuring your selection of colors from the app settings -> 3DColorChanger.

The preferences panel is fortunately very easy to understand, with no more than a color picker that gives you the ability to make multiple combinations.
You can adjust the hue, lightness or darkness of the color, and you can even set your own alpha (transparency) level to touch more or less pronounced 3D menus when opened.

Then we'll show the alpha level setting of a particular color, just as an example. It's amazing what you can do with so few settings:

It is clear that the tweak requires 3D Touch ability to function properly. However also it works with tweaks that include the feature in unsupported devices, so you can use a tweak as RevealMenu for 3D Touch screens with menus on a device without 3D Touch in 3DColorChanger set that works very well.

If you use themes WinterBoard, this tweak is the ideal, since you can use to make your menus look better 3D Touch with the theme you're using. Even if you are not a user of WinterBoard, you can use this tweak to tone your menu with your favorite color and add some personality to your iPhone.

Best of all ,, is that this tweak is free and available in the BigBoss Cydia repository. 3DColorChanger works with all iOS devices 9 jailbroken.

We recommend using a wallpaper or theme to match the colors of the 3D menus.

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