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Monday, 3 October 2016

Change the style sliders brightness and volume with CCSmoothSlider (jailbreak)

If you want to make slight changes to brightness bar and panel volume control center to do not so minimalist design, we present a new tweak called CCSmoothSlider jalibreak makes more showy sliders.

Clearly this tweak will not give you a minimalist design sliders control center, will just the opposite, doubling the size of them to make them more colorful. What this does is provide a flatter adjustment mechanisms, progress bars like appearance, so they are easier to handle.

You can customize the text in the center of each bar, set the fill colors, custom text put to them and more.

The tweak has its own configuration panel and go to find you to Settings -> CCSmoothSlider and set all kinds of items to adjust the tweak to the look you want.

In addition to set about changing colors and customize the text fields, you can also hide or show the percentage of the slider, set the rounded radius of the corners of the progress bars and change the sensitivity of the sliders when you pass your fingers over them.

All parameters are set individually for each slider, so you can have all slippers same, or you can configure them to have a different appearance between them.

In CCSmoothSlider is included at the bottom of the preference pane of respring button so that once made the necessary changes, they can be applied immediately and easily,

To test CCSmoothSlider, you must go to Cydia BigBoss repository where you can download this jailbreak tweak your device for free.

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